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Sales Training and Sales Management Training in Ohio 

2 Day Sales Training Bootcamps

Learn the Sandler Selling System

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Sales, Sales Training, Sales Boot Camp

2-Day Sales Boot Camp 

Get the training, collaboration, and growth tools you need to achieve success.

Sales Training and Sales Management Training in Ohio

Facilitator-led, interactive, two-day intensive sessions with role-play to equip you with the core principles of the powerful Sandler Selling System.

Topics covered in the 2-Day Sales Boot Camp:  

Why Have a System: Is your team struggling to learn from their mistakes?  Do you find it difficult to coach and develop your sales team?  Come learn why having a formal sales process makes sense and you can drive growth and development from sales training.  

The Importance of Bonding & Rapport: Learn the power of DISC and other powerful Bonding & Rapport Techniques that appeals to the modern buyer.  

Elements and Terms of an Up Front Contract:  Creating the framework for the salesperson and the prospect and what the intentions will be for the interaction.  

Identifying the Reasons for Doing Business:  People buy emotionally and they justify intellectually, come learn why your prospects buy and how to create a sales process around this.  

Questioning Strategies:  What is your strategic questioning strategy that will get the real challenges of your prospects? 

Uncovering the Prospects Budget:  This is all about time, money and resources and it is up to us to educate ourselves on what the budget is in all three of these areas.  

Identifying the Prospects Decision Making Process:  It doesn't matter if you are selling to a husband and wife or a fortune 500 company, their is a process on how they go about making a decision and its up to us to lean what that process is.  

Fulfillment & Post Sell:  Learn how to present in a way that gets your prospect involved in the presentation and learn how to not have a sale mysteriously disappear after its been closed.  

Improving your BAT-ing Average:  Sales is a contact sports.  Keeping a healthy mindset will drive you to the next level.  

Prospecting Behavior:  What are truly the behaviors that sales people need to do on a consistant basis to drive revenue and drive growth?

Where: 6060 Rockside Woods Blvd. N, Suite 105, Independence, OH 44131

Registration Includes: Workbook Materials, Access to Sandler Online - 24/7 Sales Resources and Self-Study

*Application Process: Complete the brief form to apply. We will contact you directly to ensure this event is a fit and to discuss pricing/group pricing if applicable.

Sales & Sales Management Training in Ohio Seating is limited to the first 20 participants. Apply Now!

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