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In business development sales cycles can be all over the place, putting us in a position of the "following up" game. Don't misinterpret my message here, following up isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it can be confusing on how to navigate and stay relevant to the prospect.

Are you leaving it all on the field?

I was at my son’s soccer match this past week in a big game against a local rival school. The hype for the game was at its highest, both teams flexing how they were going to be the victors and doing what kids do. The game was intense both teams leaving it all out on the field, and unfortunately, we came up short. Seeing my son at the end of the game, exhausted, sweaty, and bloody there was no doubt he left it all out on the field, he had nothing more he could give.

86,400 seconds are in a day, but why do so many Executives and business professionals struggle with managing their time? Many will say that technology while making life more convenient is a deep dark abyss of someone else’s agenda that pulls our focus.

Hunting new sales opportunities is exciting, nerve racking, and at times can be highly complex given the types of services or products that you offer. So, how do you decide what opportunities to pursue and which ones do you pass on? The better question would be, what is your ‘go/no go’ strategy when looking at a new opportunity?

These days people are huddled around their laptops spending much of their time in meetings, but do we really need all these meetings? We’ve all been in meetings that are long, boring, and unproductive. In modern corporate culture, that’s what we do, we meet. What if some of those meetings were actually productive?

DISC is a powerful tool that assists people in understanding different behavior styles. This will not only help you communicate more effectively, but more importantly it will help you to understand how others like to communicate.

The onboarding process for new employees can be a real hit and miss topic for many organizations. Most companies buy the fact that their ability to cultivate and retain top talent starts with the onboarding process, yet so few actually have invested the time and effort to develop those processes. Onboarding plans do not have to be overly complicated. This is certainly one of those topics where a ‘keep it simple stupid’ (KISS) approach makes complete sense!

As business begins to reopen across the nation and folks start heading back to work, how is your team going to adapt their presentation style or technique when providing quotes or proposals? The harsh reality of the new world is some organizations are going to jump back into business as usual, others will not be able to as easily. As leaders we need to adapt our organization’s technique on how we position our products and our solutions.

Leaders, specifically sales leaders struggle with the framework on how to coach and develop their people. This is not due to a lack of selling skills on their part, but they have what we call ‘nontransferable skills’. Learn 5 steps to help transfer your skill set to your team.