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McDermott Professional Solutions, Inc. | Independence, OH

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Selling On Purpose

Manufacturing Executives Workshop 

When: Wednesday, December 1st | 7:00 am to 10:00 am EST 

Where: Sandler Training, 6060 Rockside Woods Blvd N, Suite 105, Independence, OH 44131

Presented by Sandler Training and MAGNET

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Only 15 Applicants Will Be Accepted

I Meet the Requirements to Attend Because:

  • I am the Chief Officer of our company
  • We are considered a manufacturing company
  • Our company is healthy but would like to grow
  • We have a direct sales model
  • I can participate in-person (there is no zoom access to this session)
  • I agree to complete pre-work (10-15 minute sales effectiveness survey)

Consider attending if any of this applies

  • Our experienced sales team doesn't aggressively go after new business

  • Struggle to displace incumbent supplier

  • Too much revenue coming from too few accounts

  • Wasting time on quotes and proposals that go nowhere

  • Difficulty coaching people when things get tough

  • Holding experienced salespeople accountable is uncomfortable

  • Sales behavior doesn't always align with the strategy

  • Too reactive vs proactive in our efforts

  • Not sure if we hire the wrong people or we make them that way

  • Would be in real trouble if our number one salesperson left

  • Not sure what the ideal client looks like

  • Buyers are getting smarter and sales cycles longer

Topics Covered

Dave Sluka: MAGNET

Does your company have the right sales infrastructure to scale the business up? Dave will deep-dive into MAGNET'S, simple yet comprehensive, 6-step TOPMAP (tm) formula for on-purpose growth. He will help to identify gaps and cracks in your foundation and what you can do to fix them...quickly.

Rick McDermott: Sandler

Do your salespeople confuse activity with accomplishment? In this segment, Rick will share how best-in-class companies are re-thinking their sales planning models. You will walk away ready to implement a plan that aligns strategy and selling behavior. Rick will also expose you to the buyer/seller dance and why some people struggle while others excel!

What to Expect:

  • Interactive discussions with speakers and other like-minded leaders

  • Light breakfast, coffee, and refreshments will be available

  • Notes to be distributed after session
  • This is a workshop, come prepared to engage and learn

  • Access to speakers post-workshop

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