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Sales Tips & Insights

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Money Can Grow on Trees

Have you had a parent or grandparent ever tell you "money doesn't grow on trees!" The truth of that is, money can grow on trees if you think of it as a referral tree. Rob Yoho discusses managing the referral process.

Develop a Prospecting Awareness

Here at Sandler Training, we live by the 3ft rule - if anyone is within 3ft of you, you need to engage in discussion. Rob Yoho talks about developing your prospecting awareness. 

You Don't Have to Like Prospecting... You Just Have to Do It!

There is no magic wand when it comes to prospecting. We have to ask ourselves... "why don't we like prospecting?" Is it fear of rejection? Because you've always been told not to talk to stranges? Rick McDermott shares Sandler Rule #7.

Don't Spill Your Candy in the Lobby

Don't be the salesperson that just talks and talks. You need to hear from the prospect what their pains and needs are. Rick McDermott explains Sandler Rule #2. 

Learn How to Fail to Win

In sales, failure is inevitable. If you want to succeed, you need to learn how to fail - in order to win. Watch this short video to hear Rob Yoho explain Sandler Rule #1. 

Having a Structured Sales Process

Do you have a structured sales process? Rick McDermott discusses the three necessary steps to ensure you have a successful, structured, sales process. 

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Sales People Make

Rob Yoho shares one of the top mistakes sales people make in the marketplace and how to stop doing it.

What is Your Batting Average?

Rob Yoho discusses one of the cornerstones of Sandler Training, BAT - behavior, attitude and technique.

Defining a Strategic Account

If you are a Manager, Vice President of Sales, or anyone that leads a forward-facing sales team, this video is for you! Rick McDermott shares a few tips on how to define a strategic account.

The Budget Step

For most people, the budget step is talking about money. What we've learned is that there is much more to this than just money and finances. Learn more about the budget step with Rick McDermott.

Management Tip- Onboarding

Do you have a good step-by-step plan when it comes to onboarding new hires? Rick McDermott lays out his three step plan and discusses the Sandler Onboarding Tool.

No Mutual Mystification

Have you ever walked into a meeting with a full agenda, and an idea of how that meeting will go... only to find out the prospect had a totally different agenda in mind? Hear from Rob Yoho about avoiding mutual mystification. 

A Professional Does What They Did as a Rookie... on Purpose

We know that features and benefits selling doesn't work. It becomes self-centered and unengaging for the prospect. When you're a rookie of the business, you asked a lot of questions, encouraging self-discovery within the prospect. Learn more about Sandler Rule #17 with Rick McDermott.