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Sandler's Management Accelerator Program

Designed for management of all levels and industries 

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It’s lonely at the top.

Managers and other leaders have the toughest job in the organization. You have to build a team and get results through others, and the ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of the mission is on your shoulders.

Finding the Next Generation of Top Talent

Unfortunately, if you want a better team, it’s up to you to become a better leader. Finding, choosing, and onboarding new team members can be challenging, especially if you don’t do it very often.

Spending Too Much Time Fire Fighting

Without micromanaging, you are required to motivate, lead, and develop the talent on your team, but who is helping, coaching, and holding you accountable to your goals?

Dealing with an Underperforming or Demotivated Team

Sharing the vision, managing the mission, and maximizing your team’s performance is rarely taught in school, which leaves you to figure it out on your own.

Get the support you need to lead

Sandler’s management and leadership development programs are designed to help you break through plateaus, remove bottlenecks, and take your career or organization to the next level.

Embrace your Role and Style

Coach to success. Build an operating framework. Strategic coaching application. 

Attract and Manage Talent

Navigate candidate identification and interviewing. Secure the best candidate. Onboard for productivity and retention. 

Manage/Coach for Performance

Coach client meetings, deal advancement, and pipeline optimization. 

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